Ecofort ecoQ HumidAir E250, 35m2, 14W, 3l, 45dB

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Ecofort ecoQ HumidAir E250 Humidifier 35 m²

  • Air humidifier for small and medium-sized rooms
  • Humidifier, White
  • Functions: Automatic mode, Remote control, Air humidity display, Night mode
  • Suitable for bedrooms and offices up to 35 m² / 85 m³
  • Without white deposits thanks to evaporation technology
  • Operation is carried out directly on the device using the soft-touch buttons or the remote control
  • Germ-free water thanks to UV light
  • Sound volume 45 dB
  • 3 liter tank
  • Remote control: Silence(Mute), Auto, UV, Light, LED, Speed +/-, On/off
Aseptic humidification even for hard water Hygienic and at the same time energy-saving thanks to evaporator technology, this humidifier is ideally suited to small and medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms and children's rooms. The UV light keeps the water germ-free, and in sleep mode, the HumidAir E250 stays at the lowest level. Additionally, the screen can be turned off so that no one is disturbed while sleeping. In Smart mode, the evaporator always keeps the room well humidified, no other manipulation is necessary. The 3 liter water tank can be filled directly and easily, without having to transport the E250.

Convenient remote control
Use the remote control to turn the humidifier on and off from anywhere in the room. You can also adjust performance and make other adjustments without having to go to the device.

Unaffected by the night
Particularly useful if you want to use the device in the bedroom or children's room. This way you can also enjoy optimal humidity at night without being disturbed by the bright light of the screen.

Optimal room climate thanks to increased air humidity
Especially in the cold season, there is nothing better than feeling comfortable in a well-heated house. However, dry heating air also has disadvantages. Irritated eyes, dry airways and skin are common complaints that occur when air humidity is too low. An air humidifier is ideal so that this does not happen and the air does not become too dry even in winter. It provides the room air with the necessary humidity so that you always have an optimal room climate and feel good all around.