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CacheVault Kit LSI 3108, BTR-CV3108-1U1

CacheVault Kit LSI 3108BTR-CV3108-1U1Supermicro BTR-CV3108-1U1,CacheVault Kit for LSI3108..


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Supermicro 1019D-4C-FHN13TP: Xeon D-2123IT, MEC, C-RAN. uCPE, SD-WAN, NFV, AI

Supermicro 1019D-4C-FHN13TP: Xeon D-2123ITMEC, C-RAN. uCPE, SD-WAN, NFV, AISupermicro Barebone 1019D..


Supermicro 5019A-FTN4: Eight-Core Atom, bis 128GB RAM, 2x intern 3.5

Supermicro 5019A-FTN4: Eight-Core Atombis 128GB RAM, 2x intern 3.5" Drive BaySupermicro Barebone 501..


Supermicro 5019P-MR: Xeon Scalable, bis 768GB RAM, 4x 3.5

Supermicro 5019P-MR: Xeon Scalablebis 768GB RAM, 4x 3.5" Hotswap, 2x1GbSupermicro Barebone 5019P-MRH..


Supermicro 5029C-TN2: Gen8, Pentium, Cel, bis 32GB RAM, 4x 3.5 Hot-Swap, 2x 1GB

Supermicro 5029C-TN2: Gen8, Pentium, Celbis 32GB RAM, 4x 3.5 Hot-Swap, 2x 1GBSupermicro Barebone 502..


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Supermicro 510P-WTR: Xeon Scalable 3rd, bis 3TB RAM, 4x3.5 Hotswap SATA

Supermicro 510P-WTR: Xeon Scalable 3rdbis 3TB RAM, 4x3.5 Hotswap SATASupermicro Barebone UP SuperSer..


Supermicro 6019P-MTR:2x Xeon Scalable, bis 1TB RAM, 4x 3.5 SATA3, red NT, 10G

Supermicro 6019P-MTR:2x Xeon Scalablebis 1TB RAM, 4x 3.5 SATA3, red NT, 10GSupermicro Barebone 6019P..


Supermicro 7049P-TR: 2x Xeon Scalable, 8x 3.5 SATA, red NT, IPMI

Supermicro 7049P-TR: 2x Xeon Scalable8x 3.5 SATA, red NT, IPMISupermicro Barebone SYS-7049P-TRProzes..


Supermicro AOC-MGP-I2M: SIOM 2x 1GbE, NIC, Intel i350-AM2

Supermicro AOC-MGP-I2M: SIOM 2x 1GbENIC, Intel i350-AM2Supermicro SIOM Netzwerkkarte AOC-MGP-I2MAnza..


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Supermicro AOC-MTG-I4SM: SIOM 4x SFP+, NIC, Intel XL710

Supermicro AOC-MTG-I4SM: SIOM 4x SFP+NIC, Intel XL710Supermicro SIOM Netzwerkkarte AOC-MTG-I4SMAnzah..


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Supermicro AOC-MTGN-I2SM: SIOM 2x SFP+, NIC, Intel 82599ES

Supermicro AOC-MTGN-I2SM: SIOM 2x SFP+NIC, Intel 82599ESSupermicro SIOM Netzwerkkarte AOC-MTGN-I2SMA..


Supermicro AOC-S3108L-H8IR-16DD, Internal RAID Adapter, 12Gb/s, SAS, LP

Supermicro AOC-S3108L-H8IR-16DDInternal RAID Adapter, 12Gb/s, SAS, LPSupermicro RAID-Controller AOC-..


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Supermicro AOC-SGP-i2 2Port 1Gbps ServerNIC, PCIe x4, Intel i350 dual-port

Supermicro AOC-SGP-i2 2Port 1Gbps ServerNICPCIe x4, Intel i350 dual-portSupermicro AOC-SGP-i2: 2Port..


Supermicro AOC-SGP-i4 4Port 1Gbps ServerNIC, PCIe x8, Intel i350 quad-port

Supermicro AOC-SGP-i4 4Port 1Gbps ServerNICPCIe x8, Intel i350 quad-portSupermicro AOC-SGP-i4: 4Port..


Supermicro AS-1014S-WTRT AMD EPYC, bis 2TB RAM, 4x Hot-swap 3.5 SATA3

Supermicro AS-1014S-WTRT AMD EPYCbis 2TB RAM, 4x Hot-swap 3.5 SATA3Supermicro Barebone A+ Server 101..


Supermicro AS-1114S-WTRT AMD EPYC, bis 2TB RAM, 10x Hot-swap 2.5 SATA3

Supermicro AS-1114S-WTRT AMD EPYCbis 2TB RAM, 10x Hot-swap 2.5 SATA3Supermicro Barebone A+ Server 11..


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